Soul Fighters ZMATA at the 21st U.S. Open

Posted by Aaron Zaballos on Oct 25 2016

Soul Fighters ZMATA at the 21st U.S. Open

This past weekend 37 of our team members from Z MATA along with 43 other Soul Fighters stepped on the mat at the 21st U.S. Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships in Santa Cruz, CA. The two-day event at the Kaiser Event Center was packed with over 1,600 competitors and more than 100 academies from all over the nation.

At the end of the long weekend our team finished with 28 medals! Bringing home 14 gold, 11 silver and 3 bronze. Which was a nice improvement from last year, in which we brought home 22 medals from the 20th U.S. Open. On top of the medals, we also brought home five team trophies with our Soul Fighter and Ares BJJ family. We placed 1st in the Kids division, 1st in the Adult Male division and 1st in the Adult Female division. In addition to our gold team trophies, we placed third in the Masters division as well as third as the Overall Team.

There were some many wonderful highlights at the U.S. Open. However, one stood out more than any other. That was our kids team. Our kids team along with the Rice Brothers BJJ destroyed the competition by bringing home a total of 26 gold medals, 15 silver and 2 bronze with a total of 281 team points. Second place had only 10 gold medals with a total of 149 team points. The results speak highly of our kids program as we have one of the best programs in the nation.

Congratulations to everyone who competed and thank you to our teammates, friends, family and special thank you to the parents for their continuous support and dedication to our amazing kids program.

Individual Results

  • Hector – Gold
  • Raquel – Gold
  • Ajayzee – Gold
  • Louis – Gold
  • Leo – Gold
  • Jesiah – Gold
  • Adrian – Gold
  • Mikey – Gold
  • Gabe – Gold
  • Araceli – Gold
  • Max – Gold
  • Nayeli – Gold
  • Taryn – Gold
  • Dania – Gold
  • Steve P. – Silver
  • Jacob – Silver
  • Chris – Silver
  • Vianey – Silver
  • Marcos – Silver
  • Elijah – Silver
  • Bryce – Silver
  • Ben – Silver
  • Stevie-Joyce – Silver
  • Justin – Silver
  • Mason – Silver
  • Leanza – Bronze
  • Cassandra – Bronze
  • Brian – Bronze