ZMATA - Soul Fighters at the JJWL Nationals 2018

Posted by ZMATA on Dec 4 2018

ZMATA - Soul Fighters at the JJWL Nationals 2018

This past Sunday (12/2/18) our competition team (Youth and Adult) went to test their Jiu-Jitsu skills at the Jiu-Jitsu World League (JJWL) Nationals at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA. We brought 37 young competitors and 19 adult competitors versus a field of 678. We had students competing for their very first time in addition to our students who have competed countless of times. After the long day, Coach Stevie and I couldn’t be prouder of how everyone collectively performed. Our team stepped on the mat ready to give it their best, displayed amazing heart and tremendous skill at this major event. We are so proud of every single one of our ZMATA family competition team members. Some cases we were victories and in others we fell short of the nearsighted goal. Nonetheless, we all learned, we all got better, and that is our ultimate goal.

By the end of day, our team placed (both youth and adult) near the top of the rankings. Our youth team placed second out of 84 in the Academy division, second in the Elite 8 division, and third out of 42 in the Organization division. Our youth team took home total of 34 medals!!! Our team collected 14 golds medals, 12 silver medals and 6 bronze medals!  

To not be out down by the youth team, our adults also performed amazingly well. Our adults placed fourth out of 93 in the Academy division and fourth out of 44 in the Organization division. Our adult team seized four gold medals, five silver medals, and four bronze.

Congratulations to everyone who stepped on the mat to compete and thank you to all our team members for preparing us for this challenge. Furthermore, thank you to all the amazing parents, family, and friends for all the love and support!!! We are truly number one when it comes to family. ZMATA – SOUL FIGHTERS!!!